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Dental Implants Crown & Bridges

Dental Implants Crown & Bridges

Teeth are precious because they define your smile which in turn affects your personality doesn’t it? But, sometimes the teeth get damaged due to accidents and other mishaps and the flawless smile becomes a dream. Have you been through such situations? Well, we, at Dental Studio, are here to save you the embarrassment of battling such problems. We have a dedicated team of experts that provide a variety of services when it comes to treating dental problems. A part of these services also includes replacement of teeth, putting dental implants, repairing them and basically a lot more that will help in restoring your flawless smile.

Here is a brief preview of services provided at our clinic:

Tooth or teeth replacement: This is a process where our dentists will replace a portion of the tooth or teeth with an implant. Made of superior quality material, these implants look very similar to your original teeth and this ensures that wearing them does not embarrass you. Additionally, the implants are strong and don’t affect your ability to eat or talk. In fact, you don’t even need a special maintenance routine to take care of them. Regular brushing is sufficient to do the job.

Dentures: Usually, as a person starts to grow old, his or her teeth fall off. In such cases, repair is not a possible option. Instead, what the individual needs is a complete denture. This would act like an implant supported by a bridge replacing your original teeth entirely. All you need to do is keep these dentures clean.

Are the implants safe?

The branded titanium implants which are used at, “Dental Studio ” are completely safe”. There are cheap sub standard implants also available. However since quality is never compromised for any dental services in “Dental Studio”, substandard dental implants are never used here just because they cost less”. The sterilisation protocol followed is world class .The expertise can be vouched for. We have a record of 98 percent success rate in implant treatment in the last 5 years of our practice.

The complete care philosophy!

At Dental Studio our doctors implement a holistic care routine wherein the patient is given complete support right till the stage he or she starts recovering. Also, the services that the patient needs are all available under one roof making it simpler. The dentists also help the patients get accustomed to the idea of using the dentures as well as maintaining it.

No pain-all gain!

We use the latest technique and technology to make the procedure as pain-free as possible. Being updated with the latest techniques, we make it a point to introduce new and innovative technology that allows our patients to get access to better treatment without actually drilling a hole into their pocket. Even the implants used at our clinic are made to undergo stringent quality tests so that the risk of any unwanted side effects on our patients. After all, the comfort of the patient is always top priority for us. Also the excellent support system ensures that there is no stress on our patients as they undergo the treatment.

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